Spring 2021 Cohort
Spring 2021 Cohort
Full-stack web developers to expand your team

Spring 2021 Cohort

Agatha Almunir photo
Agatha Almunir
Bianca Blakesley photo
Bianca Blakesley
Isaiah	Henry photo
Isaiah Henry
Izebel photo
Jonathan	Okuk photo
Jonathan Okuk
Joy Jing photo
Joy Jing
Kira Novak photo
Kira Novak
Lisa Lavia photo
Lisa Lavia

"I really like the learning environment that the TF's create. I feel like it's a safe space to ask questions and I don't have to feel completely incompetent or ashamed if I'm not as far ahead as the rest of my cohort."

- Student from Spring 2021 Cohort

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